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Velocity [linear]

unit namesymbolSI equiv.

centimeter per secondcm/s1e-02 m/s
meter per secondm/s1 m/s
kilometer per secondkm/s1e+03 m/s
kilometer per hourkm/hr2.77778e-01 m/s
foot per secondft/s3.048e-01 m/s
foot per hourft/hr8.46667e-05 m/s
inch per secondinch/s2.54e-02 m/s
knotknot5.14444e-01 m/s
mile per hourmph4.4704e-01 m/s
speed of light in vacuum(speed of light in vacuum) m/s2.99792e+08 m/si
MachM3.316e+02 m/si